Four Elements photo project


The picture shows a young man washing himself in the dirty waters of Lake Tana. That’s the only water available in his neighbourhood of small metal huts.


Active volcano Pacaya near Antigua, Guatemala. Local guides lead tourists each day up its slopes and patiently wait while they make hundreds of photos and videos. They constantly observe what’s going uphill, where lava can force huge rocks to roll down at any moment.


This picture shows a climber falling from a route in Mallorca, Spain.

Although you can’t see the ground in this picture, it’s surely the first thing we think about. That’s why I thought of it instantly when considering the Earth category.


While on the first glance it’s just a landscape shot, it’s not the mountains that are most important in here. It’s the storm brewing in the background that takes our attention and adds a dynamic depth to the picture.

It was fun to go browse through some of my old pictures to fit this theme. I’d love to see it done by any of the photographers I admire: Marek Arcimowicz, Jimmy Chin, Brooks Jensen, Abe Kislevitz or Światosław Wojtkowiak. There are some cool prizes to be had!

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