On Photography Podcasts

I love podcasts. I listen to them all the time. Amongst other things, I use them to broaden my photography interests and fuel my motivation to make photos every day. Here’s a list of what I listen to regularly:

We Shoot Fuji. That’s an ex-podcast. The hosts closed it after 17 episodes, but (fortunately for us!) they’re just moving to another photography podcast - Photofocus. However, the archive episodes are still there and absolutely worth listening to. The hosts offer completely different perspective, one being a street photographer and the other one shooting mainly birds. There’s some gear talk, but a lot of conversations are about stuff that actually matters.

Street Focus. Pure gold for street photography enthusiasts - great guests, full of tips and suggestions on how to improve your daily shoots. Focused on the creative process, not on gear. Absolute must.

Fuji Love. It’s a fairly new podcast on photography using Fuji’s X-Series cameras, the host being an official Fuji X-Photograper. I got into it because of the connection with my camera, but stayed, because the content is relevant for anybody interested in street photography (but not only). The recordings are a little bit rough around the edges and sometimes there’s too much idle chit-chat for my taste, but the invited guests make up for any production quirks.

LensWork - Photography and the Creative Process. I think it’s the oldest photography podcast. It’s been going on for years on a more or less regular basis. The host has a huge knowledge of the classic masters of photography, giving a great perspective on what’s happening in photography world nowadays. He talks about projects that span years, value of publishing books and exhibitions, and how to keep the creative process going.

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